I am an academic researcher with a particular interest in Quakerism and the Religious Society of Friends in Britain. I started my career working in medical physics and atomic energy, before moving into Quaker International Social Projects and being a founder member of the Alliance of West European Voluntary Service Organisations to forge new links between the East and the West at a time of great political and social change. Since 2004 I have been publishing statistical analyses of Quakerism in Britain, and most notably I have co-authored the Present and Prevented study which ran from 2006 to 2010 looking at how the demography of Quakers has changed. More recently I have become interested in the history of Quakers and Russia and support Friends House Moscow. I have published some downloadable research papers on this site which may be of interest, as well as a full profile of all academic work I’ve authored or co-authored. My CV is also on this website, as well as some useful links. I also blog regularly about many things, Please have a read and comment if you want to.